Decode Talent DNA Test
Discover your talents with our unique genetic testing kit, specializing in analyzing talent traits based on the latest genetic research
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Career Development DNA Test
Discover your ideal career types with our Career Development DNA Test, which assesses your inborn personality traits, including communication style, work attitude, task preferences, and interactions with colleagues
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Decode Nutrition DNA Test
Unlock the power of nutrition for your child's healthy bone, brain, eye and emotional development with our Decode Nutrition DNA Test (DNDT), backed by the latest genetic research finding
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Decode Health DNA Test
Discover your genetic susceptibility to various health conditions with Decode Health DNA Test, which empowers you to take proactive steps towards a healthier life
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Bundle Package
Take full control of your child’s holistic development and well-being by discovering their talent, nutrition and health traits with our Bundle Package: Decode Talent DNA Test, Decode Nutrition DNA Test, and Decode Health DNA Test
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