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RM 998

In today’s diverse and competitive world, many find it a challenge to find a successful career pathway that they find satisfaction in. Oftentimes, decisions are made simply due to external circumstances and society’s pressures that are not necessarily reliable. As a result, many underperform in their jobs, find little or no satisfaction and enjoyment in their work, and face many difficulties in their chosen career paths. In academic psychology, the Big Five personality model is the most widely recognised and utilised model of personality. Commonly used by human resource experts to assist worker placements, the Big Five personality model is a good gauge into one’s career suitability and potentials. This is because the 5 dimensions are thought to represent the fundamental characteristics that make up a person’s entire personality. According to research studies, personality significantly determines behaviour in the workplace and has been reported to be an important predictor of work and career success. The Career Development DNA Test report will show you which career types are a good match for you based on an assessment of your inborn personality traits. It can show how individuals differ from others in terms of communication style, work attitude, task preferences, interactions with colleagues. The test also provides additional insights into your natural aptitudes to identify the areas and skill sets for your personal development.
BIG 5 Personality
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Increase self-awareness
Good self-awareness provides a good benchmark for a growth mindset. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses better is a good starting point for your self-improvement journey.
Understand what sets you apart f rom others
Knowing your strengths would help you to distinguish yourself from others and pave the way for career advancement. It will build your self-esteem and guide how you can make the most out of your natural gifting.
Narrow and pinpoint your career options
Focus your resources on what matters strategically for your career advancement.
Find satisfaction and enjoyment in your career
Finding a career that you can perform well in will bring more satisfaction and improve your livelihood.
What you'll get

Openness to Experiences

Understand your natural tendency to be creative and your inclination to experiencing novel ideas and new experiences.


Perceive your inborn propensity to be goal-oriented, efficient and disciplined in your work performance.


Discover how you relate and work in work and social settings.


Explore your prosocial characteristics like altruism, trust, compassion, modesty, consideration and empathy.


Reflect your emotional stability and your response towards negative feelings.