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RM 998

In today’s diverse and competitive world, many struggle to carve out a brighter future in a satisfying career pathway. Frequently, decisions are influenced by external circumstances and society’s pressures, which may not always be reliable. Consequently, numerous individuals experience poor work performance in their roles, lack satisfaction and enjoyment at work, and encounter challenges in their chosen career paths. In academic psychology, the Big Five personality traits stand out as the most recognized and utilized model of personality. Widely employed by human resource specialists to aid in worker placements, the Big Five personality traits serve as a valuable indicator of one's career growth potential and suitability. This is because these five dimensions are believed to encompass the fundamental characteristics shaping an individual's entire personality. According to research, personality plays a significant role in determining workplace behavior and serves as a crucial predictor of success in work and career. The Big Five personality test, also known as the Big Five OCEAN personality test, provides insights into an individual's skills and strengths, aiding in identifying suitable career types and fostering career satisfaction. By assessing inborn personality traits, the Career Development DNA Test report helps individuals understand how they differ from others in terms of communication style, work attitude, task preferences, and interactions with colleagues. The test also provides additional insights into your natural aptitudes to identify the areas and skill sets for your personal development.
BIG 5 Personality
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Increase self-awareness
Good self-consciousness provides a good benchmark for a growth mindset. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses better is a good starting point for your self-improvement journey.
Understand what makes you stand out from others.
Knowing your personal strengths through a career aptitude test would help you to distinguish yourself from others and pave the way for career advancement. It will build your self-esteem and guide how you can make the most from your natural gifts.
Narrow and pinpoint your career types
Focus your resources on what matters strategically for your career advancement.
Take a career test to attain career satisfaction and enjoy in your profession.
Finding a career that you can perform well in will enhance job satisfaction and livelihood.
What You'll Get

Openness to Experiences

Understand your natural tendency to be creative and your inclination to experiencing novel ideas and new experiences.


Perceive your inborn propensity to be goal-oriented, effective and efficient in your work performance.


Discover how you interact and thrive in both work and social environments through a job test.


Explore your prosocial characteristics like altruism, trust, compassion, modesty, consideration and empathy.


Reflect your emotional stability and your response towards negative emotion.