about us

Our Mission

We aim to help you to understand your genetic strengths and challenges, and provide you a scientific personalised guidence to improve your life.

Our Vision

To provide a one-stop solution for personalised and positive parenting to support children’s optimal growth and development.

Our Core Values

These values guide us in our research, conduct and delivery of our services:


We are driven by the belief that every child is born with inherent uniqueness. Our scientists and early childhood professional are fully committed to help parents uncover, understand and value their child’s distinct nature through genetic testing.


We uphold the value of personalised nurturing, that tailors parenting approaches to each child’s unique nature. Our scientific personalised recommendations help parents to ensure a good start for your child.


We deliver positive parenting advices that involves emphasis and loving attention on children’s inborn strengths to foster self-esteem and confidence in children. This value supports a child’s healthy and optimal growth by being loving, supportive, firm, consistent, and involved.

an exceptional professional team  

Human geneticists with exensive research and genetic application's experience

Our Scientific Leaders

We are led by a team of highly accomplished and experienced professional scientists with 55 years of collective research experience in the Asian genetic studies. Over 100,000 of human DNA have been extensively analyzed in our research works, we aim to apply our knowledge in human genetics to improve consumer’s life with personal genetic testing. In pursuit of our mission, we have formed strategic partner ships with multiple leading organizations in the genetic industry. These collaborations allow us to leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to provide advanced genetic testing and analysis services to our customers.

Our Team

At AGT, we firmly believe that our greatest value lies in our people. We have meticulously assembled a team of professionals from diverse fields, including biotechnology, early childhood education, and psychology, to form a dynamic and multidisciplinary team. Each member brings unique perspectives, expertise, and experiences to the table, collectively committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients.

Our R&D

We take pride in our DNA tests, which have been developed by leading scientists and professors who specialize in the analysis and interpretation of genetic data from the Asian population. We also collaborate with renowned research centre in Singapore to conduct leading research studies, to continuously integrate innovative findings to our product. By staying at the forefront of scientific advancements, we can continuously improve and refine our offerings to deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients.

Powered By High-Quality Technology

We provide advanced solutions to improve consumer's life

99.9% analytical accuracy from advanced illumina technology
ISO13485 / ISO9001 accredited lab
Stringent DNA QC protocol to ensure highly reliable data analysis and interpretation
Application of research proven science and AGT's Asian-specific proprietary algorithm

Our Partners