RM 3198


RM 3198

Decode Talent DNA Test

Decode Talent DNA Test [Comprehensive] is a truly unique genetic testing kit specialising in analysing talent traits based on the latest genetics research findings. With our innovative DNA testing approach, you can now unlock your child inherited talents and develop his potential earlier. Knowledge of DNA information allows parents to utilize both nature (inherited genetic) and nurture (environment factors) advantage to amplify the potential talents of a child.

Decode Nutrition DNA Test

A one-size-fits-all diet really does not fit all because it is only a rough gauge that is suited for the average population, when in fact, every individual has a varying nutrient absorption, metabolism, utilization and tolerance requirements according to their genetic makeup. The Decode Nutrition DNA Test (DNDT) is your go-to nutritional assessment supported by the latest genetic research findings to ensure healthy bones, brain, eye and emotional development for your children.

Decode Health DNA Test

With the innovative Decode Health DNA Test, you can now take a proactive approach to your family’s health. With our comprehensive genetic test, your personalized health journey begins with looking into your own genetic profile with analysis of 40 traits (for Female)/ 39 traits (for Male) in the areas such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, digestive diseases, metabolic & endocronic diseases, neurological & psychiatric diseases and various other diseases. This test gives you an insight to understanding your health risk susceptibility better that will enable you to make prudent choices and well-informed decisions in managing your health by making the most of your health risk genetic knowledge.

Unlock your child inherited talents and develop his potential earlier.
Take early preventive actions and better manage your long term health.
Improve the quality of life through personalised diet plans.