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Empower your child's growth and development during their formative years with confidence through the most comprehensive DNA test in Malaysia.

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Gain profound insights into your child’s talents, cognitive development, emotional intelligence, innate personality traits, and challenges through DNA testing.

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We are dedicated to bringing our genetic knowledge, expertise in early childhood and development, and parenting tips to offer the most comprehensive genetic examination.

We Bring The Most Advanced Technology To Decode your DNA.

A Highly Specialized Test Developed For Asian.



Stringently reviewed statistically significant genetic variants



Peer-reviewed international publications references to guide recommendations.



Asian reference database ensures accurate results interpretation.



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We bring you the best genetic test for kids

Powered By High-Quality Technology

We use advanced technologies to deliver accurate results

99.9% analytical accuracy from advanced illumina technology
ISO13485 / ISO9001 accredited lab
Stringent DNA QC protocol to ensure highly reliable data analysis and interpretation.
Application of research proven science and AGT's Asian-specific proprietary algorithm

As Simple As A Saliva Test.

Enhance your parenting style with these easy steps!

Step 1
Collect your child’s DNA with non-invasive buccal swab and mail it to the lab
Step 2
DNA extraction & genotyping in an internationally accredited lab in Singapore
Step 3
Receive your DNA report via our app.
Step 4
Apply personalized and positive parenting approaches tailored to your child’s personal traits.

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“After taking the DECODE TALENT DNA TEST, I have a more holistic understanding of my children’s inborn abilities. Instead of leaving it to guesswork, I am now more certain of their strengths, weaknesses and potentials. This allows me to accurately pinpoint the areas I can work with to realize their full potential and to guide them to improve in the areas that they fall short in.”

Zen Chong, Mediacorp Artiste, Singapore Read More

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Frequenty asked questions

DNA sample collection will be done at our office located in Wisma UOA II Kuala Lumpur with the presence of your child/children. Alternatively, you may collect your child's sample at home using our at-home DNA test kit. In order to ensure the highest quality of the sample, you are advised to not consume any food or drink (except mineral water) two hours before sample collection.

We consist of professional scientists with over 55 years of collective experience in human genetic research. Using the most advanced US technology, our DNA testing results provide 99.9 % accuracy. Our DNA Test analysed over 1,000 genes associated with talent, IQ, EQ, personality, nutrition and health. Our algorithm is based on 27,000 Asian reference data, which ensure a highly reliable interpretation of the Asian population.

Step 1 → DNA sample will be collected non-invasively through saliva using a buccal swab. Unlike blood withdrawal, this method is painless, side-effect free, fast and convenient.

Step 2 → DNA samples will be sent to a genomic lab in Singapore for extraction and genotyping. By using the most advanced genotyping chip from Illumina, US technology, the DNA testing has analytical validity as high as 99.9%. The DNA result will be analyzed by our bioinformaticians with extensive experience in human genetic research. The DNA result will be examined based on the Asian population to increase the reliability. Up to date, we have over 27,000 Asians reference databases to ensure accurate result analysis and interpretation.

Step 3 → DNA report will be delivered via the app. Our specialist will be more than glad to assist you in understanding your child’s comprehensive genetic insights and results interpretation.

Step 4 → Parents can now apply personalised and positive parenting approaches tailored to your child’s uniqueness. You will be connected with experts to plan the most-suited development plan for your child based on their genetic makeup!

Non-invasive buccal swab collection is 100% safe and simple